Limestone Music Festival

A great big thank you goes out to all the bands who played in Creswell Social Centre on Saturday, 22nd May at the Limestone Music Festival.

Cold Gin, The Sons of El Roacho, Monkey’s Uncles, Shanks’ Pony, Stace Rose (Cycle Paths), JATO, and Haworth gave their time for free to entertain a welcoming crowd and to raise funds for Elmton and Creswell Village Company, the charity based at

Limestone House working for the regeneration of this former mining locality. The bands were totally brilliant.

Thanks also to Rob Beech for doing the sound, to the many volunteers from Limestone House for their help during the evening by taking entry tickets, serving food and selling T-shirts. Pat, Sarah and the rest of the staff from the Social Centre did a great job serving the drinks and thank you to the Elmton with Creswell Parish Council for housing the Music Festival to support this charity event.

George and Mel from @Elastic FM Radio were comperes during the evening and representatives from ‘The Big Local’ in Elmton & Creswell consulted with the people attending to find out from them more about what they like about this vicinity and what they believe would improve it.

Julie Holling, Chairman, thanked everyone there for their support and invited them to come along to Limestone House to see for themselves the work undertaken for the community, including training, community computers, advisory services, The Coffee Shop, the Charity Shop, the Studio Attic Shop with E Bay sales by greensleeves88, the Mini Bus local trips, the Heritage Centre and Youth activities:- the development of young bands in the Limestone Studio on Thursday evenings. Contact Manager Sharon Piper on 01909 724061 for more information about any activity or facility at Limestone House and Limestone Studio.

Elmton Rd, Creswell.

The Limestone Festival was organised by Manager Claire Howe and raised £750 which will be put to good use at Limestone House for the benefit of the Community.

Julie Hollings

Limestone House, Creswell