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Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine

Firm didn’t pull out after campaign

Last week, in his weekly article in the Worksop Guardian, the MP, John Mann, seems to me that he has jumped on another bandwagon.

This time he is claiming his intervention with the powers that be has been a major factor in the wind turbine development being scrapped between Sturton-Le-Steeple and North Wheatley.

Yes, I agree with him that the local residents did put up a fight to stop this development,but the main reason this development is now not going ahead is not because of his so-called intervention, or that the local residents put up a strong fight against it, I believe the real reason is that the developer has pulled out of the proposed wind turbine development and that this government has cut the subsidies to onshore wind power.

What were these subsidies and who paid for them?

Two-thirds of the cost of these subsidies were added to everybody’s electricity bill and the other third comes from general taxation, thus making so-called wind power the most expensive and most unreliable form of generating power.

Who received these subsidies and why?

The landowners and the companies that built them, just because someone in the last two governments, and yes, Mr Mann. you were a member of one of the governments, decided to go ahead with this foolhardy so-called green energy and so made everybody including the manufacturing company’s energy cost higher.

In your article John, should you not be saying sorry to all your constituents for costing them hundreds of pounds extra on their power bills that you and your government caused by subsiding onshore wind power?

It’s not very often I agree with the present Prime Minster, David Cameron, but at the beginning of this Parliament he was accused of saying “get rid of all the green c**p.”

I totally agree with this. They have made a good start.

Ivor Jones

Shireoaks Road,