LETTER: Think about those living on the streets

Readers letter Web Only - Homeless
Readers letter Web Only - Homeless

Sophie Wills’ recent article in the Worksop Guardian highlighted that Bassetlaw is one of the worst places to live in the county, with higher winter deaths and more fuel poverty than anywhere else.

The county’s health and wellbeing board is right to advise people to prepare for the coming cold weather as winter bites.

They suggest a minimum temperature for living comfortably, and urge people to watch out for their neighbours. Our communities work well together, it’s a real strength of this area.

However, I would like to highlight another issue, it is not always possible for all members of our community to plan ahead. If you have no roof over your head, day-to-day existence is your only focus.

With people who are homeless dying by 45, against a county average of over 70, it’s tough living on the streets. Today, there are more than 20 people out there now, sleeping on a park bench, in a tent on a field, or in a disused buildings. So tonight, when you turn up your heating a couple of degrees against the chill, and get into a lovely steaming bath to take away the day’s aches and pains, just take a moment to think about those who are not able to follow your lead.

Emma Longmore

Hope Community Services,