Letter: School kids should not have say on taxes

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I attended a meeting of Bassetlaw District Council last Thursday evening just out of interest and I have never been so shocked in my life.

The leader of the council stated that “it should be held accountable” to the primary school children who make up the ‘Worksop Junior Council. Whilst I am all in favour of attracting the youth into politics I am not in favour of allowing them to stand in judgement of how my taxes are spent.

I was also shocked to find a vote being taken on whether or not the chairman of the council, a position that seems to hold some weight, should be allowed to raise funds for local charities.

The vote was a unanimous NO, although some, the Conservatives, voted to allow funds to be raised. Am I to understand that the ‘charity begins at home’ ethos relates to how residents’ monies are spent in Bassetlaw, and if so what are the actual charities that Bassetlaw District Council gives monies to.

I will definitely attend another meeting, if only to see if this, hopefully, was a one off.

Raymond Simpson

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