LETTER: Keep hold of your ticket as proof

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With reference to the letter from Lyn Martindale, of Hayton, Retford (March 3), regarding Parking Eye, I fully agree with her.

I am experiencing similar circumstances which has been ongoing since June 14 2016. 
On that date, I parked my car in the Priory Shopping Centre and purchased a ticket for £1 which covered my parking for two hours. 
I entered my correct vehicle registration number and displayed it on my windscreen. Being aware of numerous complaints about Parking Eye, I made sure that I had complied with their terms and conditions and left the car park with 46 minutes to spare. 
On June 25, I received a parking charge notice stating that I had not paid for parking in the said car park and they had imposed a charge of £100 discounted to £60 if I paid within 14 days.
I had disposed of my parking ticket, but managed to retrieve it later.
I replied to the letter detailing the above facts and requested a copy from the ticket machine data to prove I had paid and corroborate my explanation. 
This request was ignored and a number of threatening letters followed, details including county court action, which would likely affect my credit status and my ability to obtain credit in the future. 
The charge has now been increased to £160. 
Having never been on the wrong side of the law, I find this very traumatic and have formed the opinion that the company is not fit for purpose. 
I await its next move and repeat what Lyn Martindale says to users ‘keep your parking ticket for a few weeks’.

Dorothy Fowler