LETTER: Is the plan to bring things to standstill in Blyth?

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Is it the intention of Nottinghamshire County Council’s highways department to bring the roads in Bassetlaw to a complete standstill around Blyth?
They have just finished installing mini traffic islands at the ‘Fourways’ junction, which although I had my doubts about when it was started I have to admit it is a brilliant idea, helping traffic flow, easing congestion and controlling speed.

However, we have total chaos with four way traffic lights due to extensive road works for what I think is the installation of broadband cable, which is only carried out on weekdays when traffic is at its highest and not at weekends. Could these two operations have been planned to be carried out at a similar time, therefore causing minimum disruption?

It might have taken a little longer but at least there would only be one period of congestion and digging up and resurfacing roads.

Tony Clayton,

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