LETTER: Give addicts a place to go and annoy each other

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I am writing to reply to your letter recently asking for opinions on Worksop drug users.

All the do-gooders who want to help these people need to help the ones who come for genuine help. The others, about 90 per cent of them in my view, don’t want help, they like the life they lead. 
It’s no wonder business is failing in Worksop. Who would want to come and see zombies all around?

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If John Mann MP or any councillors want to help, they need a building where they can go in the day time with a toilet and wash basin and let them annoy one another instead of kiddies in town seeing drug activity. 
It’s a disgrace when they race outside Asda, Watson Road, parks, gardens, all places where children are out with their parents. 
So if John Mann, the council, and the police want to earn brownie points they need to get together and get something done. 
A few months ago, Mr Mann was in the paper opening HOPE houses on Queen Street. He is out of touch with what his constituents want in my opinion.

Mrs C. O’Sullivan

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