LETTER: Delights of lovely village of Farnsfield

Farnsfield village
Farnsfield village

As the daylight hours rapidly disappear and the chill winds of autumn set in, it is most uplifting to see signs of vigour and encouragement in and around our communities.
One such deed is that of seeing many of our Royal Mail postboxes being given a fresh coat of bright red paint in readiness for what could be a harsh winter.
I regard myself very fortunate in that the North East Midlands is full of trees and vegetation that changes through a range of colours from green to red to orange to yellow as autumn progresses.
Using Stagecoach’s excellent Sherwood Arrow bus service from Worksop via Ollerton to Nottingham, many of the delights of Sherwood Forest and around Edwinstowe in particular are seen at a leisurely pace.
I have found visiting Farnsfield recently, I was highly impressed wit the way this large Nottinghamshire village has managed to retain its charm and character whilst allowing new housing developments to go ahead without cluttering them too close together and in the process ruining the aesthetic nature of the village. Top marks. 
Having also retained many of its traditional shops such as the Co-op, bakers, butchers, florists, greengrocers and barbers as well as its pubs, Farnsfield is a prime example of England at its very best.

Geoff Evans

East Avenue, Stanfree