Letter: David Bradley isn’t the one who is boring

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To Graham Bacon about the letter you put in the Guardian last week saying it was the most boring Christmas lights switch on in Worksop by David Bradley (‘One of the most boring switch-ons’).

Also, saying he was only in one film. If you got your facts right he was not in just one film he was in another film called Zulu Dawn as a young gun fighter.

And the film David Bradley was in was called Kes. Did you not know the film? You said it was about a boring Yorkshire schoolboy and the bird he had in the film was not a hawk it was a kestrel and David Bradley is a very nice man, he is very polite.

It was very nice to see him in Worksop, if anyone is boring it is you.

Even I can remember who David Bradley is and it was not in my era like you said, it was in yours.


A fan of Casper

Aka David Bradley