LETTER: A solution to bring this farce to an end

I cannot understand why the government is pussyfooting around with the illegal immigrants trying to get to England, causing misery and losing the haulage industry a fortune. It is naive to think that all these people are destitute and escaping war zones.

If you look at the television news some have quite expensive clothes and, by their own admission, they want to come to England for our benefits system and bring their families over here. So let us look at a solution that would bring this farce to a halt :-

1) If they wish to claim asylum they should go to the first safe country, i.e Morocco, before they even get to Europe.

2) They are not destitute, some have already spent up to £7,000 getting to Calais.

3)What sort of man comes over on his own leaving his family in a supposed war zone?

The simple answer is to make it widely known that England is not the land of ‘milk and honey’, there will be no benefits paid to illegal immigrants, there will be no free housing.

If you manage to get into England you will be deported immediately, either back to your own country, or if you pretend not to have any papers, back to France. I would suggest the French, and other European countries, do the same.

Also, with regard to seeking asylum it should be made clear that because they have entered England illegally and not gone through the right channels they will not be given asylum.

By their actions in Calais they have shown themselves to be lawless thugs who will attack and intimidate to reach their goal. We owe them nothing.

Tony Clayton

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