LETTER: 200 homes set for countryside

North East Derbyshire District Council offices, Saltergate, Chesterfield.
North East Derbyshire District Council offices, Saltergate, Chesterfield.

The local community may be interested to know that a further application for outline planning (HPK/2015/0651) has been submitted for a housing estate of around 200 units on attractive countryside adjacent to Chapel High School and Bank Hall Lane.

It is only three months since an almost identical application was refused by High Peak Borough Council.

The application is in addition to the appeal against the refusal which is yet to be heard.

It is important to be aware that any comments and objections submitted regarding the initial application (HPK/2015/0058) cannot be transferred to the new application.

Any comments regarding the new application can therefore be submitted to High Peak Borough Council http://planning.highpeak.gov.uk or the Planning Department, Town Hall, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 1AQ.

Like me, people may wish to contact Mr A. Bingham MP to make comments about an unbalanced planning system that allows property speculators to submit a further, almost identical planning application only weeks after refusal. Furthermore, irrespective of a neighbourhood plan in place in accordance with the Government’s planning laws, and with the support of Chapel Parish Council and High Peak Borough Council, the biased planning laws allow the speculator the right of an appeal. Consequently, the borough and parish councils together with the local community find themselves in the absurd and farcical situation of having to fund a costly appeal against a decision already taken through a positively democratic process.

In these days of austerity with huge local Government cutbacks, and pleas from Mr Osborne to reduce spending we have to spend our valuable council taxes on something we have clearly indicated we do not want.


I am sure our MP would be very interested to hear from his constituents.

Peter Hemmings

Manchester Road