Labour shows its true colours

Once again, Labour has shown its true colours.

At last Friday’s meeting of Nottinghamshire Fire Authority, the two Lib Dem members opposed the proposed 1.9 per cent rise in the part of the council tax charged by the Fire Authority, supported by Labour and made sure there would be no rise in what we pay for the fire service.At the same meeting however the Lib Dems were unable to stop the rise in allowances paid to members of the fire authority. Labour members, including Bassetlaw’s own Sybil Fielding who already gets allowances as both a district and county councillor, voted for the rise.

It beggar’s belief that in these financially straighten times that any members of the fire authority, who already receive substantial allowances as city, district or county councillor, would vote for any rise in their allowances.

Indeed as one senior county councillor said to me today, being on the fire authority should be seen as the same as being on any other council committee and not attract extra money.

In spite of this the Labour members have shown their true colours and voted to take more money out of the fire service and put it into their own pockets.

Leon Duveen

Campaign Manager,

Bassetlaw & Sherwood Liberal Democrats