John got it right

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our MP got it right in relation to Parliament getting hot under the collar whether multi millionaires can claim all there tax if they give to charity.

Then we have there coalition partners moaning about the vat on Cornish pasties. What about the pensioners tax a remark from the coalition that pensioners have got to shoulder the burden same as everybody else. This is the burden pensioners are going to have to suffer a loss of three billion in pensions. But what about the tax evaders, an amount totalling one billion. How many ordinary people give to different charities not expecting anything in return only to see these charities do the good work they do. Anyway I do not expect any other than contempt.

We then go on to the so-called positive discussions over a ten pin bowling alley into Worksop. I think the people of Worksop will believe this when instead of positive discussions turn into action as we waited long enough for a cinema as this was on the initial plans with the cinema as I remember.

With regards to the ambulance service hopefully the people of Bassetlaw will fight another cut in our services if this ever comes to reality. It is your town, your services that are being messed about with do not let these pen-pushers ruin it for you they are messing with people’s lives again.