John did fight our corner

in answer to Geoff Coe’s letter recently criticising John Mann for not ‘fighting his corner’, about police cut backs in Bassetlaw, can we retrace and restate the record?

In the early summer last year our MP did exactly what Geoff wanted him to do. He urged the prime minister in a debate on the economy, to stress the need to have police on the beat and locally based. Cameron agreed with him.

At the same time, he urged a petition signed by hundreds of people to keep the cells at Worksop open.

Your paper photographed a lobby of Bassetlaw’s most senior police officer led by the MP and Labour County and district councillors. Later, strong direct representation was made to the police committee on the afternoon they took the decision to close the custody suite.

It was the Tories in Nottinghamshire who closed the suite and thus reduced the numbers of active police available to keep Bassetlaw safe.

This was directly against the views of local people. In my view John Mann and the local Labour party could not have done more to prevent this happening.


St Anne’s View,