Is this how the police operate?

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Victims of crime in Worksop need to pleasantly be aware of an alternative to ‘phoning the police’, it’s called ‘Banging your head against a brick wall!’

It’s way more pro active, is infinitely less stressful and what’s more you save the money you would have wasted on the call!

Both me and my girlfriend witnessed a man in a group damaging our property. We did what we thought was the right thing to do and rang the police informing them that they were outside a shop which has 24 hour surveillance and that if they came now they would catch them.

One police car held the group while another drove my girlfriend down to the shop and in keeping with the descriptions we provided she picked out and told them “Yes, that’s the one that did it.”

They returned her to our home and told us that they could not make an arrest because ‘He said he hadn’t done it’ and ‘It wouldn’t be nice would it if he got locked up all night and it wasn’t him.’

So not only did we both provide descriptions, we told them where they were (in front of CCTV) and also positively identified the one who did it only to be told that it could hurt his feelings if they made an arrest and he was innocent! What? What more do we have to hand them, what more does it take? I’m sorry but it was in the early hours and we couldn’t manage to do ‘red-handed’.

With the economy being what it is and cuts being made all over, I have to ask what the hell is that police station doing up at Potter Street? Because what taxpayer’s are getting is a case of Emperors New Clothes. Allegedly it is a service which upholds law and protects the public but in reality your money is buying you nothing, absolutely nothing!