Is resurfacing necessary?

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I’ve noticed lately that the council has been going round the Kilton area and marking roads for complete resurfacing.

However, I’ve only noticed side roads have been marked, Marlow Gardens, Coleridge Road, Browning Close, Kilton Close and of course the small bit just inside Osberton View seeing as the car park was redone last year.

This is puzzling, and I don’t really see much common sense, or road sense in this case. These are side roads, not really used all that much, except for residents. I challenge the council to walk round Kilton and look at the roads. You’ll find that even though the side roads do need to be resurfaced, Plantation Hill is in far worse condition. Every couple of yards the road is falling apart. Potholes, craters, long cracks, and even in a fair few places, the road no longer meets the curb edge. Plantation Hill is a main road. Not as busy as Kilton Hill, but still very busy. For starters, it’s part of the Number 4 bus route. I just don’t see the sense on looking into resurfacing roads which have low use, instead of a high use road. They did resurface the Larwood/Goldsmith stretch of road, including the bit where Plantation Hill meets Goldsmith Road. That road is also part of the Number 4 bus route.

Why the council chooses to think about resurfacing side roads instead of main roads is beyond me, but then again, this is the council; they always seem to have a lack of common sense, do they not?

Simon White

Osberton View,