Is our MP good value for money?

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Every few weeks we get letters written to the Worksop Guardian stating that in the previous week or so our MP Mr John Mann has made statements which are stated to be not factually correct.

I cannot remember him ever saying whether he agrees or disagrees with them.

We had another two letters last week about changes to the ambulance service. Due to overspending and interest payments our country’s debts are increasing by about two billion pounds each week, which one day will have to be paid for by our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

I am bound to pose the question, how much does Mr Mann’s office cost the taxpayers of Bassetlaw, including rent, rates, maintenance, heating, lighting, postage, telephone, stationery, staff salaries, National Insurance, holiday pay, sick pay, pension payments and all other costs which employers incur?

At the same time he could remind us how much his own salary is, details of all his expenses and his gold plated pension arrangements.

Parliament will not be sitting for the next two or three months, so I would like him to please find time to inform us in his weekly column in your paper all this information for readers to ponder over and decide whether or not Bassetlaw taxpayers are getting good value for their money.

G. P. Brookes

(via email)