Is John confused?

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“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”  It has been pointed out to me that our MP is trying to hoodwink the public yet again in his column by claiming Bassetlaw Council pays its CEX £40,000 more than Bolsover’s.

This is of course nonsense as anyone who can read a set of accounts would soon realise. Our CEX has a similar salary and conditions to Bolsover’s. Perhaps he is confused and needs a lesson in reading accounts and balance sheets or worse perhaps he does understand and is deliberately trying to mislead. I will leave the people of Bassetlaw to draw their own conclusion. The only explanation I can have for his error is that he is including pension contributions and others for Bassetlaw and choosing to ignore them in Bolsover’s case.

Senior officers pay scales are set nationally and are in bands according to the size of authority and Bassetlaw operates within these pay scales.

He also asks if this is value for money I would suggest that the question we should be asking is the £300,000 he cost the taxpayer last year, including paying his wife £30,000, value for money?

Cllr Mike Quigley MBE

Leader Bassetlaw Council