In memory of friend

Recently it is believed Steve drowned in Shireoaks Marina. We only knew him for 10 years, so I can only speak of that time.

He was known as Journey Steve because they were his favourite band and the name of his boat. There were several Steve’s living on the boats so this was his nickname. His boat had been used as a work boat so half the deck was given over to a Hi Ab (small crane). The rest of his boat was for living and very much a man’s boat but always warm and cosy with his wood burning stove.

Last Winter he slipped and hurt himself quite badly, getting wood in for the fire when it was late and icy. Although he didn’t work from his boat anymore, he put the crane to good use to raise a sunken boat and an engine from another boat.

Steve would help anybody if he could. He used to love the crack (chatting), he would be sat on his comfy chair on the jetty and always had something to say. He told you straight about things, you always knew where you stood with him. He used a lot of expletives not matter who he was talking to, he gave us a lot of advice about the boat but only if you asked him.

Trust had been his faithful dog for many years. He called her Trust because he said “You could trust a dog not like a woman!” Just before she died, he found Daber who he built a kennel for and kept on the side, strictly against BW rules but he wasn’t one for rules. He worked hard all his life and wouldn’t dream of claiming anything from the government. He was a colourful character and we never saw him down. He had a smile for everyone. He was quite pragmatic about life and whilst caring about people he would have picked himself up and got on with life if this had happened to anyone else.

So we will remember him this Christmas with a drink and a smile and a salute to his life. Cheers Steve!


(Some would say ex-boater but the life doesn’t leave you)