I can’t afford to use the car park

I have been told by my parents they have read in the Guardian (I haven’t had chance to read it for myself yet) that residents are drawing up a petition against the parking on Stubbing Lane.

I can fully understand their annoyance as there are cars that park on both sides of the road causing problems. The problem is a lot of drivers don’t look at where they are parking and as to whether it is going to cause a problem. I do occasionally park on Stubbing Lane when going to work but try to park without causing a nuisance such as parking outside people’s houses, or across from other vehicles as I know from experience that it’s inconvenient, so park further down away from driveways and such - which others don’t.

But, the reason there is a half empty car park down the road is that people such as myself with a part time job and a first house to furnish and run, a season ticket is beyond my means and not of use due to me only working part time. I regularly have no money left within a week of getting paid due to paying various bills at home to pay to park as and when. If it wasn’t for myself and other staff working in shops, there wouldn’t be a town centre - we should get a reduced permit or free parking, then the car park wouldn’t be empty.

I agree that the parking should be kept under control, but if double yellows are installed for example, people are just going to find somewhere else to park, and if the same inconsiderate people ignore driveways, junctions and the safety of pedestrians, then the problem will just move elsewhere.

Has no one living on Stubbing Lane, ever parked at the side of the road somewhere for whatever reason, so they haven’t had to pay in a car park?

If the whole of Stubbing Lane becomes a no-go zone then I’m also going to have to find somewhere else to park to go to work. Public transport isn’t an option as working Sundays I need to be at work before any buses even start running.

Maybe I should park on the pedestrian area and double yellows like everyone else, as nothing seems to ever get sorted about that?

Charlotte Deane

(via email)