How are the mighty fallen

I have been somewhat taken aback by the sheer vitriolic content of the letters in the last two editions of the Guardian, each and every one of them expressing their horror at the reversal of the county council’s decision to ban disabled parking.

Let’s examine some of them after first saying that not one of the writers is able to read the situation for what it is. Can they not see, these people who wish the freedom of the town to enable them to walk in safety at the expense of the disabled few that their actions really just amount to bigotry.

It was not the disabled who made the decision to allow disabled parking, it was the council and that same council did not rescind the order as a matter of choice. On the contrary, they did it because they were facing a legal challenge to their decision which they would have lost and also lost a lot of taxpayer’s money in legal costs defending an undefendable argument. The fact of the matter is that they did not consult and reaching a decision and acting on it without due consultation is a recipe for disaster. Mr Bacon, who is to be commended for his refusal to park on Bridge Street during his “temporary disablement” (canonisation will doubtless be his just reward) does not seem to mind if the council throws money at a lost cause and seems to assume that others are of the same mind by his multiple use of the word WE in his letter, inferring that he is entitled to speak for others. Is he therefore an elected representative? It appears that he must be and he should also realise that in his letter he is inciting the public at large to break the law. Disabled parking in the area in question, providing the stipulations are followed is entirely within the law.

Can you not see, well you obviously cannot, you haters of the disabled, that after the council has “consulted” then the ban will be reinstated. It is simply yet another Tory U-Turn following a decision not properly thought through. Don’t assume that the ability to make cock-ups is restricted to the higher echelons of Government, the minions too are quite able to indulge in the occasional faux pas.

It is not so long ago that the townspeople of Worksop and its environs were able to walk the entire length of Bridge street in complete safety. They walked on things called pavements which were restricted solely to this purpose. Motorists, both ablebodied and disabled were able to go about their business and facilities were accessable by all. There was as far as I recall no carnage and there was room for everyone. I maybe mistaken but I cannot recall there being any consulation before the decision was taken to pedestrianise the area and it is quite clear that given the very makeup of Worksop the idea was a bad one,far better had it been made a one way with Watson Road as the return artery. Perhaps the same amount of thought was given to the pedestrianisation as was given to the decision to allow disabled parking and the U-turns involved in stopping and then restarting it.

Those who consider a pedestrianised shopping area a suitable place for children to be allowed to run about freely might ask themselves why the council provide at great expense the parks and playgrounds dotted around the area.

We do of course have a number of correspondants who do not consider it neccesary to avail themselves of the green permit, doubtless they expect in the course of time to be canonised at the very least, iponimous martyrs one and all and doubtless in full agreement with the Tories latest attack on the disabled in the form of its decision to close the Remploy factories, and to respond to the INFURIATED WORSOP RESIDENT (Born and bred), you sir have missed your vocation for your ability to assess the condition of others without benefit of sight is truly astounding and I have to say that the footnote added by Grundi is a refreshing change of position in that for once he is not castigating the disabled.

As I say, in due course the ban will be reintroduced, in a lawful manner and I sincerely hope that those members of the Worksop public whose anti-disabled feelings are so strong will be justly proud of their actions.

John MW

(via email)