Hospital was fantastic

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On February 27th, I was taken by ambulance to the A&E department at Bassetlaw Hospital.

I was very poorly and do not remember much of what was going on around me. My daughter and son were both with me and they said right from the onset that the care and treatment I received was A1.

I was in A&E for several hours and then transferred to C1 where again the nursing care was also excellent, right from the domestics to the consultants, absolutely nothing was too much trouble for any of them.

I was discharged on 18th March feeling 100 per cent better thanks to the dedication of the staff at Bassetlaw.

Many people are just too ready to jump up and criticize our local hospital and I can only speak as I find my experience and what I find.

All these people and units are understaffed and over-worked. Carry on the good work at Bassetlaw Hospital and I wish more people would appreciate all the hard work you do.

My thanks also go tot he paramedics and ambulance service for their excellent care. Thank you.

Mrs Janet Turner

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