Hospital isn’t at fault here

During the past three months my husband has received emergency treatment for a recurring heart condition on 12 occasions in the A&E department at Bassetlaw Hospital.

I find it difficult to believe that this is the same department that Julie Teale is complaining about in an article in the Worksop Guardian (May 18th). We have received nothing but kindness, consideration and professional attention from every member of staff that we have encountered.

On one occasion we had to call an ambulance in the middle of the night. The paramedic suggested that I should follow by car - was this not an option for Mr Teale? There is a cash machine at the hospital so surely money could have been obtained to pay for a taxi. Alternatively, the journey could have been paid for when they got home. There was no suggestion that they were told that they had to leave so why set out to walk five miles, in the dark, on crutches and in pyjamas given Julie Teale’s underlying condition. Why didn’t Mr and Mrs Teale just stay put until transport home could be arranged? I’m sure that they would have been offered a warm drink, as I was on several of our lengthier visits to A&E, and even a slice of toast which I was given on one occasion when we had been in the department for several hours.

Staff in the A&E department do a sterling job, often in very trying circumstances, particularly when dealing with the more disruptive clients at weekends. For example, when we queried the absence of handwash in containers on the wall, part of the fight against MRSA, C-Difficile etc, we were told that some people steal it to drink because of its alcohol content so the authority has had to stop displaying it openly. What a reflection on our community!

Bassetlaw Hospital A&E staff deserve our backing and co-operation as we seek to support the Worksop Guardian and our MP in their campaign to retain the facility locally.

Christine Stone

(via email)