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In response to the article “Bassetlaw is Obesity Capital”, Friday 10th May.

As we are in the business of health and fitness, it was of great concern to read your article, mainly regarding middle-aged and older people, emphasising the obesity of women in this area.

The current referral system by doctors to patients to attend one specific slimming club and leisure centres is not always appropriate for all individuals. This government/NHS system works by doctors referring obese patients to the above establishments and funding their attendance for a set period. The question needs to be asked are these establishments suitable for these individuals? From our experience, this is clearly not the case.

Some of our members have experienced this referral system and have found it to be totally unsuitable. These members, all women, the majority being of the age range 40 - 82, being classed as obese, have expressed the following:

Feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious at the thought of being in public view in a ‘leotard’ environment

The equipment is unsuitable for their capabilities, being more cardiovascular and weight oriented.

The supervision is not personalised to their individual fitness and health requirements on an ongoing basis, such as arthritis, COPD, and other unrelated obesity issues.

The environment is commercial and impersonal, leaving the individual feeling a lack of support.

The overall experience is a negative one. If the objective is to be long-term, they need to be encouraged in their way of thinking seriously about a life of health and fitness.

Our suggestion would be to modify this referral system to look on a wider scale at the other opportunities and more suitable facilities available to these people.

Establishments such as ours incorporate individual support including personal and social aspects which promote a different method of lifestyle more suitable to their needs.

Our facility has members with a wide range of obese related concerns. Our doors are open to females of any age, including those who just wish to have a healthy and fit lifestyle, and particularly those with obesity issues. We would welcome women to come along and talk to us and try out our equipment.

Please come along and meet our member and experience our friendly, relaxed atmosphere, whilst changing your lifestyle to a more positive future, with no commitment to long term contracts.

Helen, Janice and staff will give you a warm and confidential welcome.

Eeze-fit & Toning Ltd

91 Bridge Street, Worksop