Grape Boy thanks

I have just read your comments in this week’s Worksop Guardian and was very pleased that you have acknowledged that not all the youth of Worksop are up to no good! Or stuffing their faces with pasties!

Valley students worked incredibly hard and put on a fantastic show but none of it would have happened without the help and hard work from our teachers Miss Buck, Mr Scruby, Mr Dias (my number 1 fan), Miss Wigfield (my number 2 fan) and my amazing trainer Mr Cambell who helped me achieve 62 grapes in one minute (the world record is 175 in 3 minutes - my next step!) and ALL the staff who were involved.

We all had a great time and I was very proud to be part of the show.

I would like to say a big thank you to ALL the staff who helped and everyone involved (and of course all who voted for Grape Boy!)

Ben ‘Grape Boy’ Storey

Valley School Student

Ben, I don’t know if you penned this letter all by yourself, but if you did, you need a column in the Guardian every week. Call 01909 543017 and say: “I’m Grape Boy and I’m up for a column,” if you’re in. Don’t, if you’re out. Simples!