Good news about Tesco

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Rejoice the residents of Carlton Road and Blyth Road with the news that Tesco are abandoning their plans to build their new store on the Cannon Maltkins site on Carlton Road.

I was a member of Bassetlaw DC Planning Committee when planning permission was given for Tesco to build this proposed new store. I was one of the minority on the committee that voted against the decision.

This is not a planning decision by Tesco they have pulled their plans for this site and many other sites throughout the country because they as a company have got their finger’s burnt in America by bad commercial planning and they have lost a lot of money!

My question is, what happens now to the site? Will it be returned to a green open space to be enjoyed by all the local residents. Bassetlaw Council and our local MP John Mann wants to be asking some questions about the site and what Tesco intend to do with it!

Another question that I would like to ask, who jumped the gun at NCC Highways’ Department and made the decision and had all the mature trees felled at the junction of Blyth Road and Carlton Road and so desecrated the area before any building work had even been started on the site and will it be NCC or Tesco who will be held responsible to replant new mature trees that they destroyed for no reason!

Ivor Jones

Shireoaks Road, Shireoaks