Glad parking scheme works working

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With reference to your article in the Worksop Guardian dated the 22nd February in respect of the residents parking on Norfolk Street.

As I am a resident of Norfolk Street I now willingly pay for an annual permit to park as I am now guaranteed a parking space near to my home.

Before the scheme was in place it would be a rarity to park anywhere near my house or on the street at all due to people parking their cars and walking into the town centre.

Being a lifelong resident of Worksop I know there are plenty of places to park, using the correct car parks available i.e the ones all within one street away. The Castle Hill car park, the car park behind The Lion Hotel and the Farr Memorial car park to name a few.

Why should shoppers get to park for free when the residents of that street and their relatives and friends have to pay for each permit they need. Norfolk Street parking is not to blame for the ‘killing of the town centre.’ Also in response to the cake shop owner, i have noticed no decline in the amount of vehicles which park on the street who’s occupants ‘nip’ into the shop to collect their goods. So the idea of these four 30 minute bays would actually take up four paying residents parking spaces. I have even experienced myself confrontation from a cake shop customer for parking outside my own house, plus numerous tut’s and disgusted looks.

Therefore I know the scheme is working well.


Norfolk Street