Get your facts right John!

I refer to last week’s John Mann column concerning the East Midlands Ambulance Service and naming me yet again as he did in December last year.

I will repeat my response given then and printed in your paper as he seems to be suffering from a loss of memory!

Mr Mann you should really get your facts right before you ‘mouth off!’ Firstly I am no longer a Non-Executive Director of the PCT as I resigned on 30th September 2011 following the NHS reorganisation.

Secondly the tendering and awarding of the non-emergency patient transport was an East Midlands initiative led by EMPACT. It is my understanding that NHS Bassetlaw was not involved in the decision making process. It took me a three minute phone call to find the true facts. Perhaps Mr Mann did not want the facts as that would not suit his purpose.

But it is not unusual for him to spread stories to mislead the public about the NHS and our local services he has been doing that for years.

I look forward to an apology from him for spreading untrue stories about me.

Cllr Mike Quigley MBE

(via email)