Fond memory of the railway

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it was lovely to see the station memories in the Worksop Guardian on the 10th August. I am a relative of Mr and Mrs C. Phillips, they were my great aunty and uncle Clarence.

My mum who I showed the Guardian to can remember Mr Bulmer’s mum very well and it was nice for her to see.

Aunty Mabel and Uncle Clarence were my nanna’s mum’s mum’s sister and brother-in-law. My nanna used to run the tea rooms before Aunty Mabel died.

I can slightly remember Aunty Mabel and Uncle Clarence as I was a late baby who never knew my nanna or my dad’s parents.

I wondered if Mr Bulmer knew my aunty and uncle well, I know that Uncle Clarence passed away first and Aunty Mabel went into a home where she lived the rest of her life before passing away in her sleep. She was also a very religious church goer. I remember going to Aunty Mabel’s on Sandy Lane in her bungalow and she would give me a pudding of digestive biscuit with custard. I remember her showing me her mangle in her house in the cellar on Clarence Road near the railway station.

Mum talks about them often and always says that Aunty Mabel was a nervous person at times. My mum is 82 now and I also wondered Mr Bulmer if you knew my Nanna Maud Dunn?


Fingleton, Larwood