Father Frost Party

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Councillor Rhodes commented “...we gave people (an offer) which chimes with their expectations.” (Rhodes is elected as leader of the council, Worksop Guardian, May 10th, p.5).

How right he was and he’s in good company too: The American President has found the same winning formula and commentators there are calling it “Santa Clause Government”. I think Labour will soon form a Santa Claus government, particularly given the way things are going in Europe with the anti-Austerity movement (Yes, we can continue our lifestyle by increasing debt and mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren. It’s all about “ME”, after all.)

Well, Labour’s probably due a new name anyway, given the changes from their original purpose. Not wanting to copy the Americans and given Labour’s embrace of economic theories espoused by (dead) Russian economists, I’d propose calling it the Father Frost Party.

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