Don’t penalise the vulnerable

We have seen two letters with regards to the bedroom tax and one stating the benefits system is too generous.

I worked in one job for 47 years and am now retired but I do not get drawn into the rhetoric of dividing people on benefits or social housing against the people in work which is put out by the government. Many people who are in work also claim benefits in some form or other. Everybody in the country knows the welfare system needs reform but as they say work should pay so people are not reliant on benefits but this is the problem there may be jobs out there but as we see the welfare budget is not going down because the jobs still keep people reliant on some form of benefit i.e part time or short term contracts the term ‘a job for life’ is no longer there for most workers as it was in my working life.

I then look at all the benefit changes which is wide reaching and a lot of people will suffer but my concern is that at the moment they say and I repeat they are not touching pensioners or the disabled when over the last three years have this Government kept its word they have brought in the granny tax which will affect a lot of pensioners who have worked hard over the years for a good retirement only to be penalised.This is why as they say people who live in glasshouses should not throw stones as your life could be affected nobody is safe from this government. The welfare sytstem was brought in to protect the vunerable we know it has been abused by the few but the many should not be marginalized from society for the few. Life does not treat everybody the same.

Derek Bowskill