Don’t Get Ya Skates On

What is Clumber Park these days, a National Park for the general public to come and enjoy themselves come rain or shine, or in this case ‘snow’ or a mollycoddled supervised nursery which opens as and when it suits some idiots sitting in high places in the offices?

Yes, Clumber did receive a large amount of snow, but gone are the days when one used to be able to come and enjoy virgin snow, bring the children on their sledges etc.

Instead you are faced with gates closed everywhere. I appreciate there were a lot of trees and branches brought down with the weight of the snow, but no wonder no one has any common sense these days and our children will never have any, as we are not allowed to subject them to any life experiences!

I believe the National Trust own both a snow plough and a gritter. On one of my walks which I have done on a daily basis (having left my car on Windmill Lane) I saw the gritter sat on the back of a tractor but I never saw it in action.

The snow plough I saw on one occasion, it was going so fast it couldn’t possibly have been doing the job properly and I saw it last week once the snow had turned to ice trying to plough on a hill - going up the hill! What delinquents do they employ?

I told a friend of mine to come from Newark to the Christmas fair this weekend, only to find that once again the park was shut due to the council having closed Lime Tree Avenue as their gritting lorry took a little slide. Why didn’t the National Trust use their gritter?

In the meantime, I shall continue to walk my dog and continue to park outside of Clumber. Oh yes, your poster on entering Clumber shows a little girl on a sledge, please let us know when the snow has gone and we can come in with our sledges, maybe you have a new grass slope!

And as for the other poster, ‘Get Ya Skates On’, well, call the National Trust an educational establishment what an example to the younger generation of how not to spell.

I think I shall offer to run courses for the National Trust in shovel handling and snow plough usage!


St Anne’s, Worksop

Jeebuz! Give them a break. Anyone whose first thought following three-feet of snow is ‘let’s get off to Clumber Park’ needs their noggin’ looking at.