Don’t Drive If You Can’t Walk!

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I am writing to you about an aspect of this fine little market town we live in, which really annoys me every time I set foot in the town centre – lazy people parking on Bridge Street!

Born and bred in Worksop, and being an upstanding citizen with a full time Monday - Friday job, (don’t hear that every day do ya!), the only chance I get to visit our town centre is on a Saturday, and every single time I am flabbergasted by the amount of cars parked all the way along Bridge Street.

People with pushchairs or young children forced to move out of the way whilst lazy sods drive through the middle of town and find themselves a nice little parking space outside Poundstretcher, a quick flash of the orange/blue badge and they think they own the place!

What I don’t understand is this: if these old fogies and disabled folk can’t walk the two minute journey from one of the MANY car parks which are handily situated in town (The Priory Centre, the library, Queen Street etc) then what the hell are they doing behind the wheel of a car in the first place?

Being a man of the people, I hope you can shed some light on this!


(via email)

Research shows that Worksop town centre is the single worst town in the world for traffic control. Figures obtained from down-town Mumbai reveal fewer cars roar through its streets than our ‘pedestrianised’ area. No doubt the greys in suits reckon the pound-piece in the blue-badge brigade’s pocket is worth more to traders than the safety of the townsfolk?

Ban the bally lot of ‘em, I say. No car, bike, lorry, nor bicycle should ever be seen in Bridge Street – ever. End of story.