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On Saturday 20th April around 6.20-6.45pm my son’s scooter was stolen from Dunlin Court off Kingfisher Walk, Gateford.

It is a Custom Razor Shark - blue and silver - blue grips and blue wheels with The House and Monster stickers down the front.

The culprit made off down Fulmar Way - Lady Walk - Kirkpatrick Drive and was also seen an hour before on Dunlin Court and possibly the same person seen on Gateford Road near Tescos and Baulk Lane joining Valley Road a little earlier.

Description: White male approx 25-30yrs old wearing sunglasses on a small quad bike with two young children on with him, no helmets. I would say that’s very distinctive, yes hard to believe but he rode off with my son’s scooter in one hand two children on and steering with his other hand - someone must have seen him.

My son and niece even shouted at him as he road off, he just looked and carried on!

Someone may put two and two together and think they’ve seen him and know where he lives.

My son paid for his scooter himself with birthday money and money he’d saved.

We need to shop these people in who are prowling about around our homes stealing anything that’s on offer to them and on this occasion in broad daylight! It seems obvious this person was out to do one thing - STEAL from someone.

Be vigilant for the future around this estate and keep your eyes out for this person - any information contact worksop police, the crime number is: BW/030296/13.

Father of the boy

who’s scooter has been stolen