Do rules not apply to You?

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I would imagine Independent Councillor Hazel Brand was mortified to see herself being endorsed by Labour MP John Mann in his column.

I don’t doubt for a minute that she did not seek this endorsement given her independence has always been beyond question.

Strange that Mr Mann would go against Labour Party rules in this way given that I have in my possession an email he sent to the Regional Director of the Labour Party accusing me of having worked to get an Independent Councillor elected to Bassetlaw District Council, a totally false allegation.

Mr Mann demanded my expulsion from the party which the Regional Director refused to sanction. Now we have Mr Mann openly doing what he falsly accused me of, supporting the election of an Independent Councillor to a body when Labour Party members may be among others standing. I dont know if any belong to a political party and I expect, under the Data Protection Act, that Mr Mann can’t either. But that didn’t stop him supporting a non-party candidate.

I take it Mr Mann will now email the Regional Director and demand his own immediate expulsion from the Party. Or do the rules of the party only apply to members such as me not to people such as him.

The only reason I have put the above into the public domain is because I emailed the Chairman of Bassetlaw Constituency Labour Party, the Regional Director of East Midlands Labour Party, Emily Oldknow at Labour Headquarters in London responsible for such matters and the General Secretary of the Party to report that Mr Mann had already told Labour Party members to vote for an Independent and not one of them has done me the courtesy of a response or taken any action.

Mr P. SkelDing

(via email)