Development has potential

I attended the meeting at ‘The Crossing’ on Thursday 29th July 2011 to view the plans and discuss the proposed facilitiesfor the Vesuvius site and, in my view, I think they are superb and have great potential.

The road layout to enter and exit the site is ideal with a large island incorporating the junction with Shireoaks Road, as I suggested in an earlier letter to the Guardian when the Highways department suggested it could cause traffic congestion, I don’t suppose the new Tescos site on Carlton Road or the other proposed site on the busy Kilton Road will. Do these people live on another planet? As well as the new Asda supermarket and football ground there are proposals for new industrial units, a bus service for the supermarket and all this right at the side of the A57 ring road, ideal for transport and delivery of goods to the whole site. With regard to the ridiculous comments that the passing of the Tesco site on Carlton Road would enhance shopping potential in Worksop town centre because people would be able to leave their cars and have a ‘pleasant’ walk into town down Carlton Road, after they have negotiated the level crossing they would have to walk down a narrow pavement passing boarded up pubs, two tyre distibutors, a major car accesories shop an other businesses, none of which, I would suggest,sell ‘everyday’ items. Not a particularly pleasant walk.

With regard to supermarkets killing off the town centre shops, this is a ridiculous argument, they are two entirely different types of shopping. Essentially a supermarket shop is a one stop shop where you can buy all your provisions under one roof, with one bill, and be able to park adjacent to the shop. Worksop town centre will never be a pleasant place to shop until it is tidied up, the authorities get all the drunks and yobs off the streets, improve parking and get the more specialised businesses to invest in premises, we have lost H Samuels recently (now another charity shop), Connaught House shut down and shops are closing virtually by the day. I have lived in Worksop since 1987 and the changes have been drastic. Don’t blame supermarkets for killing the town centre it is up to the council to make it attractive for businesses to come into Worksop, either by subsidising business rates, supplying free parking on market days or some other incentives.

I, and I am sure, the majority of Worksop residents hope these plans are passed and the scheme can go ahead and I would say to the council planners ‘listen to the residents and give them what they want’, don’t be pressurised by the few dissidents.


(via email)