Crafty publicity

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It seems that a couple of our Labour County Councillors are trying to get some opportunistic publicity ahead of the county council elections in May with their stunt about the parking problems on Stubbing Lane.

These problems have existed for a long time (even when Labour were running the county council). Suddenly with months to go before they are up for re-election, they decide to get up a petition to highlight the problem and to call on someone else to come up with a plan to sort it out. They may not have noticed but the problem has been made worse recently with the increase in parking charges brought in by Labour-run Bassetlaw District Council last year.

Well, if they haven’t noticed, parking and traffic are a problem all over Worksop. Curing a parking problem on Stubbing Lane or any other single site will just move it on to another place. What is needed is a proper traffic and parking plan for all of the town centre to make sure that all residents can park safely near their homes and visitors can park in reasonably priced, well sited car parks.

Until, the district council sit down with the county council and, dare I suggest it, local people to agree such a plan then all that will happen is every few months a different part of the town will complain about parking or traffic as the problems get moved around.

Leon Duveen

Campaign Manager

Bassetlaw & Sherwood Liberal Democrats