Council have no guts!

What a lily-livered County Council we have to suffer under. A few disabled people and a few idle pensioners make a fuss because they have been stopped parking and the Council does an immediate “U” turn on what would have been the best thing that happened to Worksop town centre since it was pedestrianized.

What are the members of the Highways and the council scared of? FIGHT the legal action, you have enough support from able-bodied people to keep the militants down and make Worksop run like any other pedestrianized town.

We don’t want cars plastered all over the area set aside for pedestrians. We don’t want doddery old drivers that can’t manage their cars properly threatening the safety of people who are going about their daily business in a pedestrian area. Some of them I have seen down there are a liability. Pushing their way on to the bricks creeping up behind unsuspecting walkers and revving their engines loudly.

The pedestrian area should have been just that from the very day years ago when they were built. NO blue badges, NO green permits!

We would never have had this if the council had had the guts to stand up to the disabled drivers.

Now we have to go to a fact finding exercise before we can implement them and lives are put at risk as some old codger mows down a woman and her kid in a buggy.

Has the council heard of Positive Discrimination? I.e. if the disabled can park on there, why are you discriminating against the able-bodied? We should ALL be allowed on there. So normal people of Worksop let’s ALL go and park on the pedestrian area!

The truth is it’s the majority of “disabled people” making the fuss and not the genuine disabled, they are the LAZY bone-idle people who can’t be bothered to park their car and make their way by scooter to the shops.

I will remind readers I too am at the moment disabled and find it very difficult to walk a few yards BUT I use the Bassetlaw Shopmobility – without cost and get around town so well without causing an obstruction or being a threat to able-bodied.

Come on county council do your job properly, come into line with other towns where the disabled are not pandered to with kid gloves!

Graham Bacon