Contractors are costing us!

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We are all under great pressure to reduce our spending and yet the (county) council continues to agree contracts at prices that certainly amaze me.

The upgrade of Bridge Street is already costing us over £750,000 and now £230,000 is going to be spent on improving the canal tow path - which equates to approx £250,000 per mile to provide a walking surface!

Traffic lights are now working at the Rose Cottage junction on the A614, after 18 weeks at a cost of £20,000 per week to install bollards in the centre of road and the required set of lights! On the infrequent trips I took past this site, very few contractors were ever actually working there (but long lines of traffic were held up) and the last time (on a recent Friday) the only contractor present was a guy sat in his lorry to ensure that those temporary lights were actually working!

Where do they get these costs from? It’s for sure the contractors are doing very nicely out of these deals, while we continue to pay more on our rates to get less work done on our behalf.

At the same time we have a mass of craters present in our roads - and those that get repaired will be subjected to temporary patches that due to their poor quality will soon deteriorate for the potholes to then reappear again!

The majority of these craters seem to derive from contractors digging trenches or holes in the road (not due to vehicle wear and tear) so why aren’t the relevant contractors committed to return to do the repair properly?

Lindrick Lad

(via email)