Come clean Mr Duveen!

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During the last general election I wrote of the scandal of the Bassetlaw Conservative Association not printing its material locally.

I have now seen two leaflets pertaining to the 2013 county council elections. One is printed in Bradford and the other in the West Midlands.

One leaflet claims ‘to create an environment where local business could thrive!’ Is there really no local business in Bassetlaw or in Nottinghamshire that could have produced this? Or is this yet another example of ‘favoured fat cats lapping it up?’

Can we be certain that the bill for all of this will not be paid for by tax dodgers who spend the minimum time resident in the UK, just enough to be legal?

Intelligent and informed readers are right to note that Liberal Democrat Leon Duveen had decided that he’s such a dazzling celebrity as to entitle him to tell lies in elections!

We all remember his lie in his leaflet ‘Focus on Worksop South’ when he claimed that his Labour opponents planned to replace the present cabinet system on the council with a mayor - April 2012. He brassed that this dishonest scare story had some effect. In Worksop South ‘I managed to more than double the Lib Dem share of the vote’ Worksop Guardian page seven - May 11th 2012. He has no evidence to support his claim in our local paper. Mr Duveen has had nearly a year to produce anything that he had. He’s been caught out and he knows it!

He shows an utter contempt for the people of Worksop, however the small number of people he succeeded in misleading will remember when they came to vote in May. Decent people of whatever views are right to be disgusted by this kind of conduct.

The time has now come for Mr Duveen to come clean. His only course of action which has any degree of self respect is to rule himself out as someone suitable to be on the council.

This may well be a conclusion that voters who he tricked have already reacted.