Cemetery bins needed

There is no doubt in my mind that one of the most difficult tasks placed on our parish councils and authorities is to manage cemeteries and church yards efficiently and with compassion too.

From mid March to the end of April, burial grounds have more visitors to them than at any other time of the year! Yes, with both Mother’s Day and Easter falling between this period, floral tributes by their hundreds are placed on or around loved ones graves. Also with the removal of Christmas wreaths and the associated debris, during this time the resulting waste thrown away is monumental!

The majority of our local cemeteries rely on large trade waste bins which are ideal in order to cope with the clutter left after the winter months.

However, there are other local councils who are reluctant to spend the extra fees on having these emptied and so just provide the normal household wheelie bin and open caged area in which discarded waste is placed.

The result is an unacceptable eyesore with the wind tossing wrappers and worn and faded artificial flowers in all directions, a total mess!

No! Trade bins must be provided in order to contain all this waste in a sensible and efficient manner.

Mind you, with trade waste bins having heavy lids it would be very dangerous should they fall onto your hands and fingers. Surely a sliding hatch in their lids would be much safer?

geoff evans

East Avenue, Stanfree