Bus station doesn’t have to cost a fortune

ON A very cold wet almost wintery Saturday morning I met some local councillors who asked me if I would sign a petition to have a new bus station in Worksop.

A very large number of Labour Councillors, some I knew personally along with our local MP John Mann and his wife were doing ‘their bit’ so to speak to support this cause.

But where were the opposition councillors, not one did I see not one! Surely one of them supports this cause?

All we are asking for is a proper bus station ‘like the one in Retford would be nice’, but we do not live in Retford do we?

You do not have to spend millions of pounds to provide one. Remodernise the old one, it’s bang in the middle of town, a stones throw away from the new market in the centre of town.

All you need is some clever building engineer to modernise it. I’m sure it can be done, but we are now living in an age where anything that needs doing is now being handed over to private firms i.e. the backdoor privatisation of the NHS, the Government encouraging private firms to infiltrate the police forces, this only results in one thing, as has proved with the way the bankers have stuck two fingers up to the so-called Coalition, what an embarassment that was.

Privatise this, privatise that, privatise everything and the end result is a massive salaries for top executives (nothing done to stop it), redundancies on a massive scale, safety, industry gone to overseas workers, business contracts gone abroad, unemployment out of control etc.

Could I just give you one scenario: If I was driving my car down the A57 and all of a sudden it stopped, not being a mechanic I would phone the AA or RAC and wait for a professional engineer to fix it.

I do not start messing with it, I leave it to a specialist or it could end up costing me more, are you getting the picture?

Maybe the Government should do the same, but arrogance, the Holier Than Thou attitude will never work as the grave they keep digging themselves gets deeper and deeper and a total wipeout at the next election, but they will not bother will they?


Stubbing Lane,