Boycott Tesco Dennis

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This is a letter I have sent to Dennis Skinner in regards to the closure of Borlborough Tesco Distribution Centre.Good morning Dennis, It was good to see your support for the local community in Clowne with the proposed closure of their site at Barlborough.

I remember well when Tesco applied for planning permission in Clowne, their promise of how they wanted to integrate with the local community and develop a trust and build a future for the local community by providing long term employment and growth for the communities in the Bolsover district! Empty words Dennis as we now see.

What is needed Dennis is a concerted effort by the community and that means asking the community to boycott shopping at Tesco, it means the community experiencing a little inconvenience by shopping at Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s or Asda until Tesco say okay we have the message, we have re-thought our decision and will leave well alone. Sometimes companies need to be reminded what is the bigger picture and what their responsibility is to the local community that booster their trading profits.

September is just around the corner unless Tesco see the impact on their trade they will amble along soaking up the criticism until September comes and goes, only by taking positive action with a boycott will they listen, leaflets need producing, an action committee created but that needs a leader Dennis a figurehead such as you, then people will realise this is a serious action.You can bring on board the media, keep Tesco in the news make them squirm keep it national, placards outside Tesco asking the public to boycott, a petition put on the web, people outside Tesco asking them to boycott and at the same time sign the petition, lets get some French mind-set into our blood, not a lover of the French but they stand no nonsense when it comes to protest over job security.

I am sure Dennis if you called for a team to support this action you would be inundated with support, The Worksop Guardian, The Derbyshire Times our local media papers would support you.

Food for thought Dennis

Dennis Learad