Bentinck not Sir Edmund Hilary

The photograph that appeared in Those Were The Days on 18th January (Sir Edmund Hilary School) was from the Bentinck School (Valley) and not as reported.

I gave a copy to Mary Tulip about three years ago.

The teacher in the middle was Miss Barrat who I remember was very strict resulting in the cane for me. I am pictured 5th from the left on the bottom row.

Names as far as I can remember are top row left to right: Roger Taylor, Harry Booth, Clive Haigh, Stuart Betts, John Dixon, ?, Geoff Vickers, David Griffiths, Michael Griffin.

Second row from the top: Cynthia Vardy, ? , Sandra Milns, ?, Miss Barrat, ?, ?, Shelia White.

Third row from the top: ?, ?, ?, ?, Cath Chambers, ?, ?, Andrea Barnet, Madeline Layhe, Mary Cuckson, Pauline Nelson.

Bottom row: Pete Dunston, Dereck Dinger Bell, Gordon Newcombe, ?, Ian Whitehouse, David Allison, Michael Barnard and finally Joseph Eggerton.

Hope this helps.


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