Bedroom tax is so unfair

I read in the national news that top Conservatives have got it wrong about who will be affected in the Bedroom Tax.

This scheme would only affect benefit claimants or should I say the vulnerable. But this tax will affect families who work and are on low incomes and claim benefits as well. They talk of assisting families to down size or with lodgers.

My understanding is that lodgers cannot be family or friends in the legislation so if families are put in a position were they have to have a lodger are these people going to be CRB checked if there is young children in the property maybe the A1 housing can confirm? We then go on to downsizing, the problem is that there is not the property out there only in the private sector. I am not in agreement with this tax because anybody could fall into the benefit trap nobody can say they have a job for life it will never happen. To them I have heard this many times and with people on low pay people are drawn into the position were benefits help them, these are not skivers but people who need help and this is not what this tax does, it penalises them because of the property they live in.

We see that the Labour Party and the Lib Dems who advocate a Mansion Tax to fund a lower 10p tax rate which should have not been cancelled under the Labour Goverment how these people who have brought in the Bedroom Tax are up in arms over this Mansion Tax many live in mansions that could house three or more families what a different world!

They always attack as they say ‘the skivers and strivers’ a favourite phrase we hear everyday but what about the people who are bringing in these taxes? MPs who have claimed for there ponds being cleaned at these mansions in the expenses for MPs scandal and who will get a huge tax refund in April. I am sorry I have gone off the Bedroom Tax but it is the audacity of the power makers. To condemn a lot of ordinary working people to uncertainty of where they may live in a family enviroment without the intrusion of having to, shall we say share there enviroment i.e with lodgers or losing benifits if they don’t. What have we come to?

derek bowskill