Battered Haggis anyone?

No not the usual tale of Worksop woe. The fish and chip shop at Celtic Village, Gateford has begun supplying that death-defying delicacy, deep-fried battered haggis for exiled Scots and those of a cast iron disposition.

Consisting of that very elusive Scottish creature, the haggis, cased in fish and chip batter, the meal is proving very popular.

The haggis is usually hunted on Scottish hillsides by American tourists, and only moves south around January 25th each year, when the anniversary of Robert Burns, Scotland national ‘poyet’, is celebrated.

Seems the local chippie has found its location locally. But be warned, this creature has been known to kill. It’s cholesterol count can be lethal.

Eunice C. English

(via email)

I can honestly say Eunice, that I have not been this excited since clapping eyes on Baird’s magical creation in the corner of my well-to-do grandfather’s smoking chamber. I reckon they should do a free sample for every reader – and I’m first!