An alternate viewpoint

Recent articles in the Worksop Guardian by our MP and Labour councillors are misleading.

They now champion the welfare of drug, gambling and drink addicts and complain about bankers and the price of petrol.

Excuse me but who relaxed the laws on drugs, gambling, drink and banking regulation, introduced the petrol tax escalator and spent money we did not have?

They even complain about any changes to the ambulance service yet offer no solution as to how to achieve a service delivery target above the present poor 65 per cent without changes to working practices.They announce a Council Tax freeze for another year while Conservatives would freeze it for the next three years. Bassetlaw Conservatives wanted a five per cent reduction in councillor’s salary which is one of the highest in the country, Labour voted against it.

Then we have the Bedroom Tax which I too believe is ill -thought out but the concept of paying for something does tend to concentrate one’s mind. Particularly as its welfare money that everyone contributes to at present. The scheme needs phasing in for new tenants with new contracts not existing tenants which would buy the time to use any monies available to build one-bedroom rental accommodation. Families not single people need three bedroom houses. For the record I for one do not want to see any person on welfare or any disabled person written off and having to rely on benefits, our successful Paralympics showed the world what disadvantaged people can achieve.By the way still waiting for the 1,000 jobs at Asda, the hotel and the new football stadium!

Alec Thorpe

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