Ambulance wheel theft

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MANY will not appreciate that the local division of St John’s Ambulance has now given 115 years of service to Worksop and the larger community, having been formed in 1897.

We have for several years run a Mobile Fast Aid Unit which is usually away at the regional HQ but was brought back to Worksop to cover several large duties that are taking place. While parked up by our headquarters, someone has stolen the spare wheel which is attached to the rear of the vehicle in a leather sleeve. You will appreciate that this has caused great inconvenience and expense and we hope that the person who is responsible feels proud of their actions. Please remember that St John’s Ambulance is a voluntary charity that works all the year round to help those who are sick and injured.

I hope that the person responsible for this incident remembers that they may well need St John’s Ambulance in the future. Perhaps this may well make them think a little more about what they have done.


Divisional Superintendent, Worksop