A Worksop problem. . .

My views on parking on Bridge street are simple - why is it that when you go to any other town or city for example Retford, Sheffield, Chesterfield, Rotherham who all have pedestrian shopping areas there are no cars, people are free to walk/stroll while out shopping without having to use the green cross code. What does it say about our council that can’t find ways to stop or encourage people to park in the car parks and use the disabled bays. Why is it that those who have a disabled badge feel it’s their God given right to pull up and park on Bridge Street and walk up and down without coming to any harm or needing medical assistance, surely if they can do this they could quite easily park in a designated bay and walk those few extra yards.

Quite often it is the relative driving who also gets out the car and walks around. But what really tops it for me was when a young male driver pulled up in his car on a busy Saturday afternoon outside Yorkshire Bank to use the cash machine got back in his car and drove down to Greggs to get his lunch then drove off! Is this just Worksop mentality? It’s no wonder people go to other towns like Retford to do their shopping!

Come on Bassetlaw get your act together before you lose more trade.

Worksop resident

(Retford shopper)