A real story of true love

i would like you to put more in about two of our local characters of yesteryear Ned and Flo.

Ned was called Ned Fletcher and I believe he was from Cheapside. He may have been related to Mr and Mrs Fletcher who had lorries on Newcastle Avenue and there was a man I believe called Bill Fletcher.

Ned was in the Army so had defended his country and was a very good man. I was told that Flo came from the Retford area possibly Gringley-on-the-Hill and met Ned and they fell in love, and what a great loves story that must have been. This to me was the greatest love story ever told, they must have been made of rock.

I never have known when death came, where about they were laid to rest, the old cemetery, Priory Church or Retford Road Cemetery or what age they were. Their love for one another would make a great film or TV series and should be entitled The Greatest Love Story Ever Told. People nowadays just marry and in a short time divorce or just live together. This must be how real love is.

I would love it if other people would take an interest and find some truths about their lives. Maybe some of the older generation would remember them. They were real characters in that era and I have put this letter together in the hope that it will jar people’s memories. I’d love to know more about them.

There used to be an old boy who lived, so I’ve been told down near Wilkinson. He was called Old Albert and was a similar type of gentleman. He used to have an old pedal cycle and travel into town. Makes me wonder why no one said anything to this fellow human being as all they really need is a warm and cozy bed and to feel wanted and loved.


Cheapside area